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The Oasis Partnership

 Empowering PeopleFostering Partnerships,  and Preventing Harm


Marking 40 Years with a new independent journey.

As The Oasis Partnership stands on the cusp of a momentous milestone, our 40th anniversary year marks not only a celebration of past achievements but also the unveiling of a profound new direction – a testament to our unwavering commitment to the health and wellbeing of our community. 

After 9 years working in partnership with NHS providing the One Recovery Bucks treatment and recovery service, we have decided to part ways and take back control of our own direction and vision. 

A risky move for any charity but necessary in order to achieve our long term aims and objectives. Innovation is one of our core values, being smaller and by being in control of our own decisions and future we are able to be innovative, taking all the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years helping initiate new and different ways of working so that we can engage those people that need our support and continue to make a lasting difference to people’s lives.

With a heritage steeped in compassion and innovation, The Oasis Partnership proudly introduces our refreshed strategic ethos, encapsulated in our Oasis 2024 Strap line – ‘Empowering People, Fostering Partnerships and Preventing Harm’. 

Our journey has been a tapestry of collaboration and community service, addressing the multifaceted challenges of substance misuse, mental health, homelessness and unemployment.

In the light of our current societal challenges, including the worrying emergence of dangerous synthetic substances in a range of illicit drugs, the increase in mental health conditions, increasing numbers of suicide, a surge in alcohol use, the growing understanding of neurodivergent conditions and its link to criminal activity and risk taking compulsive behaviours and the ever growing skills gap and its associated social and economic problems our vision is more pertinent than ever.

In addition to our substance use disorder expertise, we are also experienced in providing a range of effective community services. Over the past 3.5 years we have had a fantastic opportunity to innovate, which included our Listen Learn Adapt – Minority Ethnic Research project, and in Chesham, testing out pilot projects and initiating new effective models of practice.

This year is Oasis’ 40th anniversary and it is also the year we ended our long-term partnership with Inclusion NHS. We feel we can make more of an impact across Buckinghamshire if we work independently and provide early intervention and prevention services aiming to support individuals at the right time before mental health challenges become mental health conditions. Ideally reducing the pressure on treatment services as we are supporting people before more problematic behaviours set in.  

Obviously, the sort or early intervention and prevention support we aim to provide are not core funded through commissioned services as there are more pressing treatment priorities that require funding.  With this in mind we have been seeking innovative ways to generate unrestricted income. Our main plan has been to collaborate with Bucks New University on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project. (KTP).

Working together since 2021 on our KTP project aimed at supporting two of our income generation business ideas. The 2-year contract, funded by Innovate UK and the Clare Foundation, started in 2023. Oasis’ two projects are a private training and counselling service focussing on risky compulsive behaviours at home and in the workplace, and our destination café model. 

The Oasis Cafe opens in June and we will be rolling out our first series of ‘Neurodivergent and Trauma Informed Practice’ training sessions, developed in partnership with Buckinghamshire’s Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Service Charity – during September.

Our projects

Oasis projects are available across Buckinghamshire

Routes to Work

Our Routes to Work team offers helpful and supportive information and advice on moving into employment, training and education.


Multiply is aimed at supporting people to gain confidence and new skills in managing their money. Joining Multiply is your start of a journey with us, leading to further education, training and employment opportunities. Reaching out to minority ethnic groups across Buckinghamshire.


Social Prescribing

Although this project is no longer available we aim to report the findings and outcomes from our innovative 'disruptive' model. Hoping to influence national Social Prescribing Models.

Media Launchpad

The Oasis Media Launchpad is designed to inspire people, to raise aspirations and to develop and promote new talent and skills, focusing on music writing and production, digital, technology, podcasting and film.


Friends2Gether is our intergenerational project in Chesham which focuses on improving people’s wellbeing for those aged 18-25 and 55+

Art Box

Taking part in our ArtBox sessions gives you a chance to take a creative break, reduce stress and be more mindful.

The Oasis Partnership Chesham

The Oasis Cafe has been a hidden gem of Oasis for many years. It had been the Recovery Cafe within the ORB treatment service for many years, and now it has become Oasis’ main service delivery hub and our HQ office. A perfect venue for our revised direction, with training and meeting rooms, the Basement Studio, Art Workshop, Classroom, Consulting Rooms, Training Kitchen and cafe Garden.


Working with various organisations across Buckinghamshire, we provide specialist and holistic support through outreach work to connect and help vulnerable people. Our specialism is substance misuse and we are able to provide motivational and harm reduction support to clients.


Listen - Learn - Adapt

Listen Learn Adapt – Listening to views of minority ethnicities on charitable support in Buckinghamshire. Research Report 2023.

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How you can help make a difference

The Oasis Partnership prides itself on its people, whether they are volunteers or paid staff. If you want to join this dynamic team of individuals who help to change lives follow the links to find out more about how you can join our team. 

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