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The Oasis Partnership has been providing substance misuse services throughout Buckinghamshire since 1984. 

In 2019 we revised our charity objects to enhance the support we offer, enabling us to develop new provision focussed on Early Intervention and Prevention, Employment, and a range of Health and Wellbeing initiatives.  Aiming to provide support to individuals before they go down a substance misusing pathway. 

This year,  we decided to part ways with our core contract partner, Inclusion NHS, having spent 9 years as a subcontractor providing the One Recovery Bucks service. Although this decision will substantial impact on our income we felt it was time to break away from supporting a great NHS service and take back control of our own direction and future. 

volunteers working at the Oasis in Chesham

Service Developments: Contracts, Collaborations and Fundraising.

Through pioneering partnerships and initiatives, we deliver open-access, socially inclusive, support for the wider communities of Buckinghamshire. With a holistic approach to health and well-being, we believe that our social prescribing model for all members of our community fosters strong connections that provide social, emotional and practical support. 

We currently have contracts in place, Oxford Health NHS, Buckinghamshire Council, Adviza, UK Government and Bucks New University. Our services are also funded through donations that include, the National Lottery, the Rothschild Foundation, Heart of Bucks, The Clare Foundation,Wycombe Community Board and donations from the general public. 

Although we have been part of the Bucks adult treatment service for many years, we parted ways with the NHS in April 2024, wanting lead our own direction and future.   Click for One Recovery Bucks

In addition to One Recovery Bucks, the other third of our employees run other projects. We offer an employability service – Routes to Work, which includes Building Futures. Oasis are part of the multi-agency Bucks Safe-haven mental health support team. Oasis provides a Social Prescribing Project, a Media Launchpad Project, Friends2Gether, as intergenerational project funded by the National Lottery, plus with a wide range of partners we offer many different activities and groups, designed to improve health and wellbeing and reduce loneliness and social isolation.   

Our Fundraising

Our previous fundraising campaign was a success, helping us make the difference we wanted to make. During the 5 year period to September 2019, we were extremely fortunate to have raised over £1Million, all of which supported the Recovery Network within the treatment system. Since 2020, fundraising plans have been focussed on Covid Recovery, the Recovery Network and developing new projects and activities in line with our refreshed Early Intervention and Prevention ethos. 

We have been fortunate to be able to test and pilot new service provision from our base in Chesham. We are now looking to expand these new initiatives within our services in Aylesbury and Wycombe. Our new five-year fundraising strategy – 2023-2028, is focussed on enhancing our existing projects and services, particularly the Recovery Network, our Oasis Cafe model, Social Prescribing and Routes to Work projects.

We are grateful to the many different Trusts, Foundations and Individuals that continue to support our strategic plans, which enable us to develop great services, strengthen our community and become the charity we are today.

volunteers at event near a information stand
Our Mission

To utilise pioneering initiatives to improve quality of life by reducing disadvantage, isolation and loneliness and increasing skills, confidence and well-being.  

Our values

Respect. Trust. Excellence. Innovation. 

Our values are at the heart of everything that we do, shaping the way we work together with people our staff and volunteers, the way we maintain quality service delivery and the way we constantly strive to remain a successful charity. 


Meet the Team

Colin McGregor portrait photo

Colin McGregor-Paterson


Colin has been the CEO of Oasis since 2007, and has been working in the voluntary sector for over 28 years.
Colin is passionate about making a positive difference to peoples lives, using his experiences and creativity to make things happen.
In his spare time Colin spends time with his family and two beagles, and in his spare time you will find him down the cafe allotment.

Colin is a Clore Fellow, a Lay Research Panel member for Alopecia UK and is an on the advisory board for the ADHD Liberty Charity.
Colin is BIP100 club member.

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Friends2Gether Project Manager

New post holder starting end May.

Vicky profile photo

Vicky McGie

Assertive Outreach Worker

Vicky specialises in substance misuse and mental health support. She has been a counsellor for around 8 years and is currently studying to be a psychotherapist. 

Vicki loves socialising, eating, walking, and playing with her scruffy fluffy doolally dogs. 

Pofile photo of Jon

Jon Martin

Friends2Gether Media Launchpad Project Lead

Jon has over 25 years experience in music and sound production, mainly as a performer/producer in various rock bands. As well as having a lifelong passion for music, both playing and listening to, Jon is a self confessed sports nut and likens himself to a dog in that he’s at his happiest when chasing a ball about (playing football, tennis, squash, golf, cricket). 

Jon is a long-suffering Tottenham Hotspur supporter and also watches Chesham United as often as he can.  

Profile of Michelle's cat. Just the cat.

Michelle Evans

Routes to Work Worker

Michelle has a background in Education and the third sector enhancing STEM Learning and Capital. She hates photographs but has a beautiful but unphotogenic cat called Marley.

Two Routes to Work Project worker Vacancies - see careers page for application and info.

Clare profile photo

Clare Samways

Fundraising Officer

Clare joined our team in November 2019 and graduated from the Open University with an Honours Degree in Social Science in 2022. Clare is dedicated to fundraising and has a passion for making a difference. 

In her personal life, she is the parent of two grown-up children and has a Labrador named Lola. When she’s not researching funding opportunities at her desk, Clare enjoys dancing, singing, and cooking – sometimes all at once!

Profile photo of Veronica

Veronica Hassan

Strategic Business Innovation and Development Manager

Veronica is our Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate. Employed by Bucks New University, where she graduated in May. Veronica is working with  Oasis for 2-year project, helping us to develop commercial practices that will generate unrestricted income to support our charity aims. 

Veronica has worked in the adult social care sector for over thirteen years working with learning disabilities, mental health, and acquired brain injury caused by substance abuse. Veronica is a mother to two beautiful girls and enjoys cooking with them.

Sue profile photo

Sue Welsh

Finance Manager

Sue has been working at The Oasis Partnership for over 14 years and is a fountain of all knowledge for the charity! Sue has built her experience by learning from, our Treasurer’s, and is now the Oasis Finance Manager, part of the leadership team and fundraising committee. 

When she is not busy driving around her 3 children, she enjoys playing sports and going for long walks with her Boxer dog Dave.

Our Governance  

As a charity, Oasis Partnership is governed by a Board of Trustees. Our Trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the administration. Board members lead the overall strategic direction of the organisation. The Trustees meet quarterly for Board meetings whilst also participating in sub-committees to drive forward actions.

Oasis Partnership’s governance procedures are reviewed regularly by the Governance Committee, finance is reviewed by the Financial Scrutiny Committee and business development is led by the Contracts and Tenders Committee. 

Our Board Members

The Oasis Partnership Board

Philippe Chaudhry

Board Chairman

Philippe comes to Oasis with a wealth of experience from the private sector, mostly in banking and investment finance, having studied at Harvard University and Cambridge University.

Philippe’s strategic prowess perfectly aligns with our objectives:

  • Strategic Investment: Fuelling sustainable growth.
  • Diversified Income: Crafting innovations for long-term viability.
  • Dynamic Governance: Infusing fresh perspectives into leadership.
  • Transparent Impact: Ensuring accountability through insightful reporting.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Amplifying our influence through strategic alliances.


Philippe’s journey mirrors our mission’s evolution. His expert touch ignites innovation, propelling partnerships, and unfurling the latent potential within marginalised communities.

Joanna Hill

Treasurer info coming soon.

To find out more about this role, or to apply, please contact us. 

 Liz Barter  

Trustee Safeguarding Lead

Liz has worked for organisations supporting adults and young people since leaving school, initially as a support worker during her BA in History at King’s College London in 2002.

In 2011, she completed an MSc in Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addiction at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. Following this she spent a year as Programme Manager for Alcohol and Drugs at Public Health England.

Liz has experience managing a range of community services and large contract portfolios for care and support organisations, with a particular interest in business development, regulatory compliance and quality improvement.

In 2017, Liz joined the Care Quality Commission mental health hospitals team, a fascinating role that included the regulation of substance misuse, mental health and learning disability services. This was followed by a Head of Quality role in a large CAMHS hospital, caring for young people with mental health problems. Liz is a registered Social Worker, and since 2022 has been Head of Adult Disabilities Service for a large neighbouring local authority. 

Liz’s other voluntary roles have included two years as a Samaritan, four years as a Trustee for Oxford Homeless Pathways, and a current role as Heart of Bucks’ Ambassador for Isolation and Disadvantage. 

“I believe the voluntary sector is vital to challenging social injustice and inequality, and that people need us alongside them now more than ever. I am really proud to be part of the Oasis team.”

Emma Darlington

Emma joined us during the pandemic in Sept 2020, whilst she was Community Fundraising & Corporate Manager with the Bobarth Centre in Watford.  Before this, she was a Fundraiser with the Epilepsy Society.  She loves to travel and learn about different cultures and history. She has been to Kenya on a few charitable trips to help support a community in Embu, north of Kenya. During visits, she helps to educate the children and puts on drama workshops. 

Emma studied film studies and drama at school, and she describes herself as a positive and confident individual with strong persuasive skills. She has arranged annual fundraising awards, and shares stories of fundraisers in e-newsletters. She has an individual membership with the Institute of Fundraising which means she can keep up to date with the latest news and updates in the fundraising world. 

Aifra Perveen

Aifra joined the board in Sept 2020 with a BSc in Computing & Internet Technology. She is an IT professional who is keen to pursue her chosen career. A good communicator, Aifra works well as a leader and as part of a team. She has volunteered at several different organisations including Wycombe Homeless Connection & Wycombe Museum and is also a school governor at Beechview School in High Wycombe. She is an avid reader and speaks three different languages.  

Be Kaler Pilgrim

Joseph Baum

Joseph also joined the Board in 2021.

A proud Chesham resident, with a background in communications, Joseph has a particular passion for supporting community groups and young people. For three years he was a local School Governor, working with parents and teachers to improve outcomes for pupils. In addition to that, Joseph re-established the Chesham Youth Council in 2018, to give more young people a voice in the town. This initiative is still going strong today. As a member of both Chesham Town Council and Buckinghamshire Council, Joseph is determined to support the most disadvantaged people in the county. 

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