Social Prescribing – coming to Oasis in Chesham

Social Prescribing – coming to Oasis in Chesham

Social Prescribing is coming to Oasis in Chesham.

We are super excited to have received a grant from The Rothschild Foundation. We are planning our model now and will be starting the new provision in October. We will be developing an alternative model to the existing Bucks social prescribing services, giving us an opportunity to compare and contrast different models of practice. Basing our new service at the Bagnall will provide many opportunities to support a wide range of people, particularly given the different projects we run from our Waterside premises in Chesham.

I have joined a ‘Learning Together’ project which is being delivered as part of the National Academy of Social Prescribing (NASP) national Thriving Communities programme. This will give us opportunities to network and learn from other areas and develop our model with this new learning, whilst also working alongside the existing Bucks providers to enhance the overall service available.

Exciting times and a perfect new project as we begin the Covid Recovery Process.

More information coming soon. 

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