Social Prescribing in Chesham and the Chilterns

Social prescribing at the Bagnall.

Social prescribing is a new, freeservice provided by the Oasis Partnership, operating from the Bagnall Project based in Waterside, Chesham. The role of a social prescriber is to connect people to their local community to improve health and wellbeing. This can include introducing clients to activities and groups such as walking, meditation, music, baking, gardening, painting, and more. A social prescriber can further link individuals with help they require for instance, finances, housing, recovery, or employment support.

November 2022 – 6th Month update report.

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People who benefit from social prescribing include individuals experiencing:

  • loneliness and social isolation
  • long term health problems
  • mental health difficulties
  • physical ill-health
  • recovery from substance misuse
  • recovery from covid
  • older adults
  • complex social needs affecting wellbeing
  • people who want to find out how they can get involved with their local community

Anyone over the age of 18 in Chesham and surrounding areas (Including Missenden, Amersham, Beaconsfield and the Chalfont’s) can self-refer though the online referral form on our website. Next, you will be invited to meet with the social prescriber for an initial assessment. This involves answering some questions regarding your current circumstances, and generally getting to know you better. The social prescriber will then work with you to put together a wellbeing plan. This can be done over the phone, online, or in person. Depending on your individual needs, a wellbeing plan may include:

  • Making referrals to clinical and non-clinical organizations including counselling, employment support, and substance misuse services.
  • Setting goals for instance, getting out the house, going for a walk, joining a new club, learning a new skill, or contacting an old friend.

When looking at joining new groups, for example an art group, there is the option that the social prescriber can accompany you to the first session, to help alleviate any of those first-time concerns or worries when joining a new group. We work in an individual, holistic manner using a community centered approach. We find out what matters to you to improve your overall health and wellbeing, build confidence, and reduce GP visits. Research shows individuals with social prescriptions get better and feel better faster than those treated with medicine alone.

For further information please contact Zoe Sole, Social Prescribing Project Worker, on 07563394180 or email me on

Or you may wish to listen about our Social Prescribing Model – on our Lets Be Frank Podcast – produced in the Frank Hodge Podcast Studio – Bagnall Chesham.

A copy of our current leaflet – July 2022.