Oasis Youth, takes to the waves…South Coast Adventure

Oasis Youth, takes to the waves…South Coast Adventure

Thanks to a generous donation from The Clare Foundation, Oasis and three other local charities have been able to send two groups of young people onto a Tall Ships sailing voyage operated by the Tall Ships Youth Trust. These voyages offer a truly life changing experience, encouraging teamwork and participation in an occasionally tough, but safe environment. The teams live in very close quarters, and are equipped with what they need to get the best out of themselves – confidence, social skills and leadership. The teams are able to learn life skills that cant be taught on land, including cooking for a large group in a tiny galley kitchen.

Lewis (in the Bagnall T-shirt far right), our Activities Lead, is still currently on the Challenger 4 Ship, today they are sailing from Falmouth, making their way back to the Portsmouth Dock via the Isle of Wight. Lewis said “The whole team have been having a great time, the weather has been gorgeous, the food lovely and the sea sickness only minor….”.

Check out the fantastic Tall Ships Youth Trust Website here.

Here is a group 2’s diary excerpt to date: –

Day 1 (Monday 6th) – by Amy and Daisy

Today being the first day, of course was a fun-filled, packed day. We met at the boat at around 1pm and had Covid-19 lateral flow tests which were all negative. After having our own lunch, some got subway (cheesy spicy meatballs) which were mouth-wateringly delicious, we attempted and managed (with support!!) to get down the super steep stairs with our luggage. Then we all sat on deck and got to know one another. At 16:16pm, we left Portsmouth Harbour and headed to Cowes on the Isle Of Wight. We learned roping and winching techniques as well as how to unpack the sail. About an hour later, we started dinner!!! Today it was chicken curry and there was a veggie option too. It was my watch which made the splendid supper. After dinner, we had a team briefing and if we wanted to we showered, otherwise it was compulsory to shower tomorrow morning though, the ladies said their hair doesn’t need to be washed until tomorrow evening, hopefully in Poole.

Right then peeps we’re off, we feel like hot stuffed bears and need to get back up on deck for some air!! (we don’t we need any fainties!!)

P.S We’re not saying what’s going to happen tomorrow. Suspense!

Lots of love Daisy and Hoopla

Day 2 (Tuesday 7th) 


The morning consisted of an early rise from our hammock beds (through the strings). Our watch were on breakfast duty and were in charge of providing everyone with a morning meal. Luckily, due to the tide this morning, we were able to spare some free time at Cowes Harbour. A couple of people explored the area and spotted a quaint café where they indulged in some afternoon tea and cake (in the morning;)). The other crew members stocked up on snacks and got hot drinks from costa to tide them over until the afternoon. 


Today the sails went up for the first time !!!! The Yankee and main sail both went up as we sailed from beautiful Cowes to busy Poole. Our watch leader, John departed us from Poole for the first time under the watchful eye of our reliable skipper. We had a safe voyage and we learned how to tack and gybe the sail. Multiple members of our watch learned how to man the helm and manoeuvre the boat which was a new experience for all of us. Another member Sally, bravely took the courage to climb the mast and attached the main sail into place. We had plenty of relaxing time on our voyage so we were able to learn more about each other and bond as crewmates.


Our watch had the responsibility of cooking for 15 this evening, we had the well renowned ‘spag bol’ to cook for dinner. Luckily, after a stressful afternoon there were compliments all around and we felt very proud to prepare dinner for a hardworking crew. The watch emerged from the saloon to a very pretty sunset in Poole as we ate our hearty meal up on deck under the cool breeze. We are now full of home cooked food and ready for a shower and bed.