It’s Social Prescribing Week and we are pleased to introduce our new Social Prescribing service

It’s Social Prescribing Week and we are pleased to introduce our new Social Prescribing service

Thanks to a generous donation from the Rothschild Foundation we are now recruiting for a Social Prescribing Project Worker.

Social Prescribing helps people improve their health and wellbeing – the fitter, healthier and more socially connected people are, the less likely they are to access local GP services or other health professionals. Social Prescribing fits really well with our early intervention and prevention ethos at Oasis, helping reduce social inequalities and supporting people to lead happier healthier lives.

Our Bagnall Project in Chesham is a fantastic facility that is perfect for offering social support, community services and activities on the same site, making it easier for people to connect with the support they need. Our collaboration, local relationships and partnership work with other providers enables us to offer a holistic service within a lovely welcoming environment, minimising duplication whilst maximising opportunities for people. We are able to offer something for everyone – from physical activities, health and nutrition, courses, groups, cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, digital skills, music, technology, podcasting, film and much more.

Since the award of funding our CEO, Colin McGregor-Paterson, has been working closely with the National Academy of Social Prescribing, attending some great webinars and sessions led by the wonderful Esther Watts, South East lead for Thriving Communities.

Colin had this to say, “It’s been a really good experience participating in the webinars and group sessions, I have learnt so much from talking to other professionals, gaining a really good understanding of what makes an effective social prescribing service. Esther Watts has supported the development of our model, sharing loads of information and linking me in with some very talented individuals. Our 12 month pilot is an alternative model to the NHS, which has been developed from best practice and influenced by listening to the issues identified by Social Prescribing Link Workers. We will work closely with the local social prescribing network, minimising duplication whilst enabling people to have more control over their lives.”

We will be posting a lot more about our newest service, after we have recruited the post.