How does Oasis fit into the One Recovery Bucks service?

How does Oasis fit into the One Recovery Bucks service?

This is a question I am often asked, along with questions like “so, is One Recovery Bucks another charity?”or “what services does Oasis provide and what do the NHS provide?” Today seems like a good day to explain our relationship with One Recovery Bucks, as we launch our new brand, our new website and have some exciting new services opening next week.

One Recovery Bucks (ORB) is the brand name for the adult substance misuse service in Buckinghamshire. Inclusion, part of Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, manages the ORB contract and leads on the service delivery models. Together we provide an integrated pharmacological, clinical and psychosocial treatment service with a combined team of Oasis and Inclusion staff. Connection Support provides the housing element of the service.

Oasis employs 27 staff supporting the ORB contract, posts include Administration, Community Connectors, Recovery Workers, Family Workers and Team Managers. Inclusion employ 26 staff including similar posts to Oasis, and also the specialist clinical staff and the leadership team.

When the service specification for the contract was being written, the commissioners engaged in a dialogue with service users in order to develop a delivery model designed around their feedback. Service users reported that in the past the treatment system had been confusing because many different service providers offered different elements of a person treatment journey. It was hard to follow who was doing what, when and where? The research led to the development of how the treatment system operates today. A single brand for all local end-to-end treatment options was required, showing a clear pathway for service users and professionals alike, with marketing, social media and communications coming from a single source.

One Recovery Bucks was the brand name chosen by Inclusion, four years later, and the brand is now well recognised, has an identity and, based on service users feedback, is well respected, making everyone’s treatment and recovery journey a little easier.

So I hope the above explains how Oasis fits into One Recovery Bucks – you can also watch the three short videos in the attached link, where Cavelle Lynch, Public Health Commissioner, Tracy Braddock ORB Service Manager and Susie Beaverstock talk about the One Recovery Bucks service.