#HAF Easter – Week One.

#HAF Easter – Week One.

First week of the Easter #haf2022 Рthe kids have had a lovely time and the staff have loved having them. Its hectic but a lot of fun, not what we normally do each week, but we are pleased to utilise the Bagnall, which is a great environment to support kids during the holidays.

Easter #HAF 2022

We are using the HAF opportunity to help us plan new services at the Bagnall, learning from the kids and talking to the parents and carers about our other services. We are applying for funding and when thats in place we are planning to run after school sessions on a Thursday and Friday. We have already piloted a lot of different sessions and are now ready to launch these over the coming months. The after school sessions will be initially targeted at older teenagers 15 to 18.

We are pleased to be able to develop and offer new services for young people. Having provided substance misuse services throughout Bucks for over 38 years we have supported thousands of people and fully understand the need for early intervention and prevention. We know the sort of services that are required to stop young people from taking the wrong path be it drugs, alcohol or criminal behaviour. Thanks to our generous benefactor, we are able to utilise the Bagnall Project as a great community resource offering many opportunities for young people and adults.

We changed our Charity objects in 2019 so that we could provide the sort of services needed to stop people taking the wrong path. I have spoken to 1000’s of service users and their stories are often very similar. Oasis now has an opportunity to do something about it.

We have a new logo and many new services and opportunities, the past two years have been spent planning, testing, learning, consulting, listening, fundraising and developing new provision. 2022 will be the year it all comes together.

I am really pleased that the Trustees and I made the right decision in 2019, we can now make an even bigger difference in Bucks and change peoples futures.

We love doing the holiday HAF, i’ve got to give huge respect for teachers – they do a fantastic job – we certainly could not do this every week – the team were exhausted.

Looking forward to Week 2 and 20 different kids.