Great feedback from our volunteers!

Great feedback from our volunteers!

We are very proud of all our amazing volunteers, who give so much to support Oasis, in so many different ways. Take a look at what they have to say and get in touch if you’d like to find out about the diverse volunteering opportunities we offer.

“I started volunteering with The Oasis Partnership after attending an Open Day back in June of this year. The Open Day showed me how many amazing opportunities there are for everyone, and I would have happily supported any of the sessions available at that time. I came away buzzing and ready to jump in! I assist on reception, am always busy and have the opportunity to meet interesting, gifted and skilled folk from within our diverse community. I thoroughly enjoy being able to use my skills to the benefit of The Oasis Partnership whilst putting back into the community. I have dipped in and out of volunteering over the last 50 years and this year have taken up two new opportunities to share skills and experiences and of course learn more. Every time I am at The Oasis Partnership I value being part of a diverse team and I know they all greatly value their volunteers. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. There are many opportunities in life to give back by volunteering, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone. The Oasis Partnership might not be for you but you will never know unless you step through the door and find out more.” 

“I’ve been volunteering at Bagnall for 4 weeks leading a social art group.This has been an amazing experience as I got to share my interests with people and inspire a positive environment for chats while doing something creative. It is also something that brought me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to gain social skills such as good communication.”

“I have been volunteering with the RSI Initiative for 3 weeks, I am currently doing Friday morning’s, 9-1. So far,  I have been meeting clients who are currently housed, making sure all is going ok. Checking they have their meds and asking if there’s is anything else they require i.e food, toiletries. I have also collected food parcels and distributed them where needed. Zack did a presentation at Bucks UTC and I was with him while he gave it. It was a presentation to a few students who had volunteered to paint and decorate the cabin next to Unity House. This is so Zack is able to start doing drop in mornings for clients and offer tea and coffee and give them a nice space they can come too. I have learned so much about the project already and about up and coming projects. I would really love a job within Oasis and if I could stay with the RSI project that would be amazing. I am currently doing a level 3 diploma in Family Support Work.”

“I have been volunteering at The Bagnall Project for a couple of months since retiring from my job, which has given me some spare time. I have been mostly working with the Routes to Work team and have helped a few people to write an up-to-date CV and helping them with writing letters to apply for jobs. I have also helped on the front desk when needed. I have really enjoyed finding out all about the wonderful work that the charity does and look forward continuing this work.”