Waiver / Consent

I fully understand that Oasis Easter Activities staff members and volunteers are not doctors or medical practitioners of any kind. With the above in mind, I hereby release staff to render temporary first aid to my child in the event of any illness, and if deemed necessary by the staff to seek medical help and/or call an ambulance. You agree that you are aware that your child may be engaging in physical exercise involving circuit training, yoga, dance and group sports. The risk of harm may be limited by safety equipment and trained coaches, but never eliminated.

You agree that your child is voluntarily participating in these activities and is assuming all risk of injury that might result. You hereby agree to waive and discharge any claims, causes of action or rights that you or your child might incur as a result of these activities including classes, events and other activity classes and that the Oasis Partnership will not have any liability other than in relation to death or personal injury, where Oasis Partnership staff or volunteers proved to be negligent. You will indemnify and hold harmless the Oasis Partnership against any claims resulting from such participation.

The Oasis Partnership will make no evaluation or recommendation whether your child is physically fit for any physical activity. If your child has a physical condition that may impair his/her ability to engage in the activities, it is your responsibility to obtain a doctors statement describing any limitations to participate in this program. Please inform Oasis staff of any medical issues/injuries that may affect participation and any medical condition must be fully disclosed. You must inform Oasis Partnership if there are any changes to your child’s medical history prior or during their attendance to our Oasis Easter Activities Club