Art Box Volunteer – Role Description

About the opportunity

In the role as an Art Box Support Volunteer you will be required to adopt a person centred, non-judgemental approach when dealing with clients. We are looking for people to support the Art Box Groups that meet online and face to face. We offer a wide variety of arts and crafts activities for young people and adults throughout Bucks. You would be expected to support our specialist artist volunteers or staff either within the Bagnall Project or in our Art Box studio in Aylesbury or our studio at the Desbox complex in Wycombe. In addition to the locations across Bucks, we also offer some groups online Art Box sessions. Our plan is to utilise our studios as much as possible and we are able to set up new groups if there is a demand or if a specialist wanted to run a particular group.

This role offers volunteers the opportunity to engage with the local community and to support people accessing our sessions as well as getting creative yourself. We are also planning to take the Art Box on the road and offer sessions as part of our outreach service with our outreach van which is currently being renovated. 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people: –

  • To provide a fun experience for young people and adults alike.
  • To help establish links with the community and be part of Bucks cultural sector.
  • To engage with the participants through arts and crafts, listening to their needs and identifying how we can support them.

Practical Considerations

To be part of a charity that is consistently growing and developing to meet the needs of our local communities and helping to shape Bucks cultural and creative opportunities.  By supporting us you will have the chance to:-

  • gain skills by working with the Art Groups and help to deliver various activities with clients.  
  • gain sociable skills, ensuring you develop the ability to work as part of a team
  • gain valuable experience to add to your C.V.
  • receive a professional reference when you decide to move on.

As an Oasis volunteer, we will require: 

  • a completed application form 
  • an enhanced criminal record check (DBS) 
  • two references

The Volunteer role may be suitable for people who have Interests in working with: 

  • People with Mental Health, Addiction issues or other, social disadvantage.
  • Arts & Crafts and anything creative
  • Helping support the local community  

Activities include in the role

  • Painting /Drawing
  • Photography
  • Print
  • Sculpture /modelling
  • Card making / design
  • Talking & Listening
  • Interacting with people of different types and ages 
  • Risk assessing

Skills required and gained during volunteering in the role

  • Talking & listening to people
  • Art methods – increasing skills base
  • Teamwork


Our Art Box studios are in Chesham at The Bagnall Project, Waterside, in Wycombe at our Desbox studio, Desborough Avenue, and in Aylesbury at Karma at Oasis on our site in Walton Street. 

Our Resident Artist is the wonderful Katrina Heath, overseeing our project and engaging specialist artists and volunteers.

We have a dedicated Art Box twitter account @OasisArtBox and our Charity account @TheOasisCharity  

Please also look at our Facebook account The Oasis Partnership

For information about volunteering and how to apply please contact