Mutual Aid support. AA, NA peer support group information.

AA Resources available at Oasis and
Participating in a group with people that understand you and know what you are going through
 is priceless. Support groups can be a lifesaver for many.
I personally attend an ADHD support group and an Alopecia Support group and highly recommend participating in a relevant support group that suits your needs.
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Colin McGregor-Paterson

At Oasis, our aim is to provide valuable resources and information to our community. We have compiled a list of local mutual aid support groups to facilitate access to support networks.

    • It’s important to note that the inclusion of these groups on our website is purely for informational purposes.
    • In no way are mutual aid groups affiliated with or endorse the Oasis Partnership.
    • We want to emphasise that Oasis does not endorse, promote, or vouch for any specific methodology, ideology, or group ethos of the listed organisations. The decision to engage with any support group should be based on your own judgment and preferences.
    • We encourage you to research and connect with these groups to find the one that aligns with your needs and values. Remember that mutual aid is a diverse field with various approaches, and what works best for one person may not be the same for another.
    • By providing this information, we hope to empower individuals to make informed choices about the support networks they join.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about the information presented on our website, or if any info is missing please feel free to contact us.

Alcohol Change UK

 Alcohol Change UK, work for a society that is free from the harm caused by alcohol. Alcohol Change UK is a British charity and campaign group founded in 1984 whose aim is to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. It is best known for its flagship awareness programs Alcohol Awareness Week and Dry January.  Click here for more info and resources.  

Drinkline from Drinkaware

If you are concerned that you or someone you care about, there are people you can talk to. Drinkline a free, confidential helpline for people who are concerned about their drinking, or someone else’s. Call 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am–8pm, weekends 11am–4pm)

Click here for more info and resources.

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous

These great resources are available at the Chiltern and Thames AA Intergroup. AA is in no way affiliated with or is endorsing the Oasis Partnership. AA provides an opportunity to get support from, and also , support others that understand what you are going through. It works. Visit their website for daily group info. Talk to a member of staff at Oasis if you want to find out more, we have copies of the resources available at our HQ office in Wycombe. We can also support you to access your first AA group, or introduce you to an AA member for direct advice. Click here for info on local Chiltern and Thames AA

NA - Narcotics Anonymous

Drug problem? If using drugs is causing problems in your life NA can help.  NA exists solely so that its members can support each other to stay drug free and to help others achieve and maintain a drug free recovery and lifestyle. NA is free, it costs nothing to attend our meetings.


Nacoa provides information, advice and support to anyone affected by their parent(s) drinking, including adults.

 Click here for more info and resources.


Support and understanding for families and friends of dependant drinkers.  You can call their confidential helpline on 0800 0086 811 (open 10am-10pm). There are lots more resources for families and friends.  

Al-Anon also run Alateen – Alateen is for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics. Alateen is part of Al-Anon.

Click here, for resources, group info and more.

SMART Recovery

The SMART Recovery Programme helps individuals and family members of those who are struggling. SMART holds both face-to-face and online meetings which support people in managing harmful addictive behaviour.  They also have women’s only meetings and those specifically for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Click here for more info and resources.

We appreciate your  trust in as a reliable website. 

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