An exciting new direction, with new Charity Objects – Oasis 2021

An exciting new direction, with new Charity Objects – Oasis 2021

I am pleased to announce that our proposal to the Charity Commission has been accepted, and the Oasis Partnership now has a revised set of objects that will enable us to widen our reach and support more people in our communities to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Board and I started discussing this proposal in 2019 as part of our future planning process. We realised that many of the services provided by Oasis, such as Routes to Work, the Art Box project and counselling, could benefit other people in our communities. After much discussion, several planning workshops and having engaged a solicitor, a ‘Special Resolution’  was made at our March 2021 Board meeting, agreeing our new direction and the wording for our new charity objects.

The Oasis Partnership 2021

We are excited by our new direction and extremely pleased that we have an opportunity to develop our portfolio and provide some new and innovative services from our new location in Chesham, the Bagnall Project. Although not by design, our new direction will enable us to support local Covid-19 recovery plans as we are able to support people with our Routes to Work project for employment, training and education support. We are also able to offer support to improve peoples health and wellbeing, with different activities such as Mindfulness courses, healthy eating and arts and craft groups.

Colin McGregor-Paterson, CEO